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Seminar I


Science in Aerospace Engineering

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Introduction unit for Aerospace Engineering

Professional Internship



  • [Aerospace project]
  • [Aircraft maintenance]
  • [Thermal engines]
  • [Power systems, instrumentation introduction]


Provide to the students, knowledge and multi disciplinary capacities and critical analysis of the state of the art relating to aerospace engineering sciences from technological, operational and historical point of view

Teaching methodologies and assessment

The structure of the classes will be divided in theoretical classes, using the expositive and interactive method or through the use of slides, and practical and laboratorial classes, in which the student are subjected to aerospace issues, solving them individually or in group. The interaction between students with the Professor becomes very pertinent in this classes since it helps the students for a more participating methodology instead of the standard method. The evaluation method is performed during six months, by continuous evaluation or by final work, according to the Regulation of evaluation of Knowledge of the ULP. The method includes: a written work (30%); presentation of the work (20%); classes participation and by solving the proposed challenges in classes (30%); elaboration of a poster (20%).


  • Scientific papers from specialty magazines.

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