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Fundamentals of Economics and Management


Science in Aerospace Engineering

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



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Professional Internship



1. Static Financial Analysis 

2. The method of ratios 

3. Financial planning 

4. Short-term Financial management

5. Investment projects analysis.

6. Project evaluation - Criteria for Decision. Pay Back. EXP. Benefit-cost ratio. IRR. Real investments with different lives. Risk analysis. 

7. Sources of long term financing. Equity. Debt. 



(1) Studying problems, theories, financial area methods, specially emphasizing the financial analysis, financing, and credit management, planning. (2) Study fundamental financial maps and documents, (3) Systematize theoretical principles based on the company Financial Analysis, (4) be able to obtain information out of the required reading and bibliography consultancy , (5) stimulate the critical reflection through practical cases the analysis and resolution as well as through the execution of individual or group work.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

The theoretic-practical classes is essentially based on the program contents exposure and on cases resolution. The theoretical expositions will, whenever possible, be emphasized in order to stimulate students¿ interest and search. The same criteria will be adopt on the selection of problems to solve. At the beginning of each module, the students will be given a specific bibliography and a cases compilation for each one. Examples for individual or group resolution will be distributed being latter assumed as presentation subject on the classroom. The Assessment is Continuous or Final. The continuous assessment considers practical cases. Weighting: (1) Practical cases 1 (group), 30%; (2) Practical cases 2 (group), 30%; (3) Practical cases 1 (individual), 40%.


  • Brealey, R. A.; Allen, Franklin; Myers, S. C. (2008): ¿Princípios de Finanças Empresariais¿. 8.a Edição. McGraw-Hill.
  • Gitman, L. (2005). Principles of Managerial Finance. Addison Wesley (10ª ed.).

    Walsh, C. (1996): Rácios Fundamentais da Gestão, Lisboa, Instituto Piaget.


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