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Private International Law


In the words of Professor Ferrer Correia, private international law  seeks to formulate the principles and rules leading to the determination of the applicable law or laws to issues arising from international legal-private relations and to ensure recognition, in the forum State, of purely domestic legal situations of questions within the scope of a single foreign law system. Due to the globalized world and the increasing mobility of people and capital, is extremely important to study and to understand private international law in order to pursue legal professions, namely judiciary, advocacy, public registrars and notary. Although the determination of the applicable law concerns legal-private relations, due to the multiplicity of sources of private international law, constitutional law, public international law and European Union Law are also used to solve problems of this legal discipline.



Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 6

Year | Type of course unit | Language

4 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Private Law

Constitucional Law

Public International Law

European Union Law

Professional Internship




Notion, function and purpose of Private International Law

Historic development and the current importance of Private International Law

Nature of Private International Law

Private International Law and related legal subjects

Sources of Private International Law

The Private International legal relation

The principles of Private International Law

Conflict of laws: the conflict rule

The object of the conflict rule

Structural elements of the conflict rule

The function of the conflict rule

The reference practiced by the conflict rule

Conflict of laws: the system of conflict rules in force

Personal Law,

States with more than one legal system Individuals

Legal Persons

Family relations


Contractual and non-contractual obligations

Property law

Intellectual property rights

Conflict of laws: the interpretation and the application of the conflict rules



Overriding mandatory provisions

Fraud against law

International public order

Recognition of Foreign Decisions



Pave the way for professional, academic and research expertise for students in private international law. Endow students with the skills of understanding conflict of laws and the process of recognition of foreign decisions, through preparation for the application of acquired knowledge to legal practice, and provide them with consistent training, raising their critical thinking and analysis in this area of law. Students will be capable of knowing the conflict rules of the portuguese civil code, international conventions and the regulations of the European Union, understand and apply the specific modus operandi of conflict rules to the international private relations, as well as to understand the process of recognition of foreign decisions.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Theoretical and practical presentation of the program content in interaction with students, complemented by the resolution of practical cases in order to deepen their knowledge and to develop their capabilities for criticism, analysis and synthesis. The assessment of students: Continuous Assessment Continuous Assessment: 1º Written test (50%); 2º Written test (50%) Period of appeal: written exam, 2h00, 100%. Oral exam required for an average of 8 and 9 values


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