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Political Economics II



Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Political Economy

Tax Law

Professional Internship



  1. Macroeconomics
    1. Definition
    2. Object
    3. Short Run vs. Long Run
  2. The Aggregate Measurement of Economic Activity
    1. Introduction
    2. Economic Circuit
    3. Gross Domestic Product
    4. Balance of Payments, NNFC, NIIP
    5. Other Main Aggregates of National Accounts
  3. Labor Market
    1. Introduction
    2. Labor Demand and Supply
    3. Equilibrium in the Labor Market
    4. Static Interpretation of Unemployment
    5. Dynamic Interpretation of Unemployment
    6. Final Considerations
  4. Goods and Services Market
    1. Macroeconomic Model
    2. Supply of Goods and Services
    3. Demand of Goods and Services
    4. Equilibrium
    5. Keynesian Multiplier
    6. IS curve
  5. Money Market
    1. Macroeconomic Model
    2. Money
    3. Money Supply
    4. Money Demand
    5. Equilibrium
    6. Macroeconomic Equilibrium
  6. Economic Policy in the Context of the European Union and the Euro Area
    1. European Union and Euro Area: a brief historical overview
    2. Fiscal Policy in the European Union
    3. Monetary Policy in the Euro Area


Understand what distinguishes Macroeconomics from other fields of knowledge in Economic Science.

Master the essential aspects of the concepts and quantification of the main macroeconomic variables.

To be able to state the main problems of Macroeconomics and to develop basic reasoning about these problems.

To be able to critically read articles, opinion texts, macroeconomic analysis bulletins in a comprehensive and critical way.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Traditional learning
Inquiry-based learning
Problem-Based Learning
Case study-based learning
The assessment will consist of two components: two individual tests and a group work. This group work will enable students to enhance their problem-based learning.


  • Burda, M., & Wyplosz, C. - Macroeconomics: a European text. Oxford university press (2013).

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