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Introduction to Community Law I


Introduction to Community Law I aims to initiate the training of students in the subjects of EU Law and EU framework, with a view to their consistent formation as to its genesis and evolution, institutional organisation, sources of law, fundamental principles, decision-making procedures, and essential common policies, such as freedoms of movement (internal market).



Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 6

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



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I. The European Integration history

II. The EU Institutional System

The European Institutions.

III. The Sources of European Union Law

The primary law (Treaties) and constitutional principles of the European Union. The secondary law (Regulations, Directives, etc).

IV. Decision Making Procedures in the EU

Procedures for the adoption of legislative acts. The process of adopting non-legislative acts. EU decision-making processes in the international field.

V. The Principles of Direct Applicability and the Primacy of EU Law

The direct applicability of EU law. The primacy of EU law.

VI. The Specific Nature of the EU.

The objectives of the European Union. An international organization sui generis.

VII. EU Freedom of Movement

The Internal Market.


It is intended that this course provides the basis for understanding EU law, with students becoming aware of its general and fundamental principles, as well as its relationship and integration with national legal orders.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Lectures of materials and syllabus and its densification through the case study method.

Continuous valuation: 2 written tests of 2 hours (50% / 50%).


DUARTE, Maria Luísa (2017), União Europeia: Estática e Dinâmica da Ordem Jurídica Eurocomunitária (vol. I), Almedina

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