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Labour Law


The curricular unit of Labor Law covers a multiplicity of other areas of law ranging from community, constitutional, civil law. In addition to the multidisciplinary approach that this branch of law presupposes, the understanding of its historical evolution and its connection to public employment policies and options, among others, are decisive to understand and apprehend the juslaboral reality at a given moment.

Labor law is a branch of law that regulates subordinate labor relations, easing the relationship between worker and employer from the pre-contractual stage until termination.


Human Resources Management and Development

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Labour Relations

Professional Internship



Internal and international labour law sources.
The employment contract: concept, criteria for determining legal and jurisprudential
characteristics, subjects, contract formation; nullity of the contract; trial period, compared with
similar figures.
The worker: duties and rights.
The employer: duties and powers, the importance of labor law firm.
Working time: time, overtime, night work, part time work, the holiday legal regime and

The workplace: notion and relevance.
Payment: function, relevance, and determining compliance.
Limited contracts: employment contracts with reference to termination and brief reference to
the emplyment contracts under condition.
Suspension of employment contracts for reasons linked to the employee and to the company
and reduced activity.
The termination of the employment contract: revocation, forfeiture, and complaint resolution.


The complexity of the issues surrounding human resource management needs a good
understanding of the legislation, both, national, international and from EU, and court decisions,
as well as the daily activities of the human resourses function. Recognize and manage legal
issues in the workplace, such as individual employment contracts, working time, workers and
employer duties and rights, payment calculation, holidays, absences, formal complaints and
discipline, end of employment contracts.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Presentation of theoretical and demonstration with real practical resolution of cases.
Encouraging the participation of students in reflection and discussion of case studies presented.
The module is assessed by two tests with 50% weighting in each test, or by final exam, weighting


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Universitários, Almedina
Gomes, Júlio Manuel Vieira (2007). Direito do Trabalho, Vol. I, Relações Individuais de Trabalho,
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