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Introduction to Management


UC in the area of Management, which aims to address general and introductory issues in this area.

It is essential for anyone who will work in the area of Management, in whatever sector.

The approach is practical, which is favorable to the work context.


Human Resources Management and Development

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

None in particular.

Professional Internship



1- Organization and Management

2 - The evolution of Management

3- Management functions

  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Direction
  • Control


1 - To portray the historical origin of Management and to frame it in the organizational scope.

2 - Identify, contextualize and analyze the basic functions of Management in Human Resources.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Frequency 1 (25%)
Frequency 2 (25%)

Case study - for delivery and presentation/defense (20% = 30% oral + 70% written)
Final work - for delivery and presentation/defense (20% = 30% oral + 70% written)
Participation/exercises during classes (10%)


Pedagogical innovation practices:

Pedagogical innovation practices are considered, within the scope of this CU, discussions oriented to real cases, applied to the academic area of students. These discussions are continuous and are applied after the theoretical presentation of each theme. Students are also encouraged to do work based on a real context.


TEIXEIRA, S. Gestão das Organizações, 3ª ed., Lisboa: Verlag Dashofer Portugal, 2013.

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