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Administrative Management of Personnel


In this curricular unit, the Administrative Management of Human Resources is addressed in order to ensure that the professional Human Resources Manager has his training based on components that allow to perceive the systemic effects that this area can have in the efficient orientation of organizations.



Human Resources Management and Development

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 5

Year | Type of course unit | Language

3 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Not applicable

Professional Internship




- From the concept of administration / management to HRM: clues for an epistemological introduction to the discipline;

- Personnel and people management: from structural components to personnel administrative activities (a practical perspective with regard to Social Balance, Social Security, Vacation Maps, Salary Processing, ...);

- Planning in human resources management;

- The organization and its environment: analysis of the contextual influence on the administrative components used by the HRM;

- Technology, external environment and organizational models: genesis of HR administrative management (in addition to the strategic perspective);

- Humanization of organizations; healthy organizations, worker well-being and productivity;

- Aging and demographic changes: challenges for HRM;




1. Check the different approaches and theoretical perspectives of people management and evaluate the contribution of each to the well-being of employees and the efficient functioning of organizations;

2. Develop the capacity for critical thinking and questioning the concept and practices of people management within a framework of significant changes in work relationships;

3. Enhance the ability to analyze management problems by applying the relevant concepts and theoretical frameworks of the discipline;

4. Develop meta-reflective skills and personnel management techniques in order to achieve effective performance in terms of the organization's human resources.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

The stipulated evaluation method is the continuous one:
Test 40%

Report - Theoretical-practical work 60%
1. Define a company and research an implemented personnel management practice and its operation. Report the applicability in the company.
2. Propose an improvement action for the practice adopted by the company (role of consultant).
People Management based on real evidence:
The document must not exceed 1,500 words, including references.
Individual classification: the work will be in groups, however the classification attributed to the various components of the same group may be different.
Pedagogical innovation practices: research in companies (based on evidence) applied personnel management practices, proposing actions with the objective of optimizing results (consulting approach).


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