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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Bachelor in Human Resources Management and Development

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The degree in Human Resources Management and Development seeks to respond to the fast evolution of companies in the current socio-economic context. The degree in Human Resources Management and Development has a highly qualified faculty, which combines theoretical know-how with extensive professional experience. Given the excellent relations with the labor market, this study cycle offers its students a real contact with that market, through internships that allow, in many cases, to progress to more stable professional experiences. Additionally, this study cycle provides an excellent academic and pedagogical environment, which derives from a culture of great proximity between teachers and students.

Reasons to apply

  • Young, qualified (mostly with a PhD degree) and dedicated teaching staff, both in scientific and professional terms
  • Strong connection to the market (namely through protocols) and consistent partnerships in terms of internships, the organization of events and the integration of graduates
  • Study cycle with a curricular structure adapted to the requirements of the market and with a strong component in the area of Management, which gives its graduates the necessary skills
  • Several extracurricular activities, with the involvement of students and important personalities in the area of Human Resources
  • Good employability rate
  • Study cycle accredited by A3ES for the maximum time and without any conditions

A3ES Decision

Accredited - A3ES Decision

Date of the Board Decision



R/A-Ef 3054/2011

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Bachelor |6 Semesters |180 ECTS

Programme Director

Carla Magalhães


Carla Silva

Entrance Conditions

National access competition/tender:
Having completed the 12th grade;
A grade higher than 95 points (range 0-200), in the following entrance exams:
09- Geography
17- Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences
18- Portuguese

Entry competition/tender:
Course changes;
In accordance with Decree 401/2007, of April 5.
Special competition/tender for those over the age of 23:
On completing 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the preceding year
Those not entitled access to higher education (if they have undertaken and been approved in the entrance test for the college they want to enter, they are entitled to the referred access).
Special competition/tender for higher education graduates and Diplomas in Specialized Technology:
(In accordance with Decree-Law No. 393-B/99, of 2 October;
In accordance with Ordinance No. 854-A/99, of 4 October;
In accordance with Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of May 23).

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS


This study cycle seeks to answer to the fast evolution of Human Resources in the current socio-economic context. Thus, the central objective of this study cycle is to prepare professionals for the labor market (public, private and third sector) in the area of Human Resource Management, who possess the skills required by the market, in a perspective of close collaboration and continuous adaptation. To this end, specific objectives are to provide students with management skills to allow them to plan, organize, direct and evaluate strategies in Human Resources Development at the organizational level and in line with the economic, social, cultural, scientific, educational, political and legal context and from a local, regional, national and international perspective, with particular relevance to the context of Portugal and Portuguese speaking countries.

Who should apply

Students who have completed their 12th year of schooling and are interested in continuing their studies at the university and in the area of Human Resources;
Professionals who meet the conditions for entering higher education and who want to acquire knowledge and skills in this area;
Students who have chosen to take courses of level 4 or 5 and intend to continue their studies in this degree.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

General skills:
¿ General culture;
¿ Personal work organization practices;
¿ Interpersonal relationship and team work;
¿ Mastery of communication techniques and verbal expression;
¿ Application of problem / conflict resolution techniques;
¿ Application of decision-making techniques;
¿ Adaptability to new organizational environments and contexts;
¿ Social awareness and ethical guidance;
¿ Management skills;
¿ Strategic vision and integration;
¿ Orientation towards applied scientific research.

Specific Competences in Human Resources Management:
¿ Administrative procedures for human resources management;
¿ Recruitment and selection;
¿ Human resource planning;
¿ Compensations and benefits;
¿ Performance evaluation;
¿ Career management;
¿ Analysis and management of skills;
¿ Internal communication processes;
¿ Labor relations;
¿ Diversity management;
¿ Financial management applications in human resources management;
¿ Applications of fundamental notions of law;
¿ Design and management of training.

Equipments and venues

The University where this study cycle is integrated is spread over 6 floors, with 28 classrooms, 3 amphitheaters, 2 conference rooms and 1 library (with access to reference databases), among other spaces, such as a classroom for professors, service offices, work offices, Academic Association room, bar, multipurpose room, computer labs, maintenance room, staff room, meeting room, secretariat and administrative services and secretariat room.
In the context of classrooms, laboratories and auditoriums, multimedia equipment and ICT resources are made available (video projectors, computers, audio and video equipment and all the necessary software to meet the needs of different teaching areas, including the streaming system), which promote good pedagogical practices.
The facilities are prepared to accommodate students with some type of disability, such as access ramps and an elevator.
This study cycle also has a tutoring regime, through which students who need support can obtain it, either from teachers or from colleagues, and there is a patronage regime, from which senior students promote the welcoming of new students, who enter the first year.
The entire student body also has the suppo

Further Studies

This study cycle provides the possibility for its graduates to progress in further studies at the level of a 2nd study cycle in the areas of Management and Human Resource Management and other related areas.

Occupacional Profiles

The obtaining of the Diploma in Human Resources Management and Development opens the student to a path of professionalization, which integrates the functions of human resources assistant, senior technician / human resources manager and human resources director, in the different areas of the course , both from an administrative point of view, and in terms of development, namely: labor legislation, training management, health and safety at work, performance evaluation, productivity and quality at work, recruitment, selection and integration, management skills, auditing and consultancy in human resources, administrative personnel management and management of reward and career systems, among others.
A career in teaching and research can also be considered by graduates of this study cycle, as long as they evolve at the level of the studies that are required.


This study cycle develops its research in the area of Management, in particular in the area of Human Resources Management, and also in Social Sciences and Behavior.
Teachers in this study cycle have numerous articles published in high-quality national and international journals, participate in scientific conferences, integrate juries of masters and doctorates, supervise works at this level, participate in national and international research projects (namely funded) and belong to research centers, such as:
· Centro de Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Matemática e Aplicações da Universidade de Aveiro
· CEPESE ¿ Centro de Estudos da População, Economia e Sociedade
· Centro de Estudos em Ciência Política da Escola de Economia e Gestão da Universidade do Minho
· CEFUP - Centro de Economias e Finanças da Universidade do Porto

Scientific Areas

Gestão e administração | Ciências sociais e do comportamento | Direito


Study Plan

1st Year/ Comon CoreSemester ECTS
Business English IFirst Semester5
Fundamental Notions of EconomicsFirst Semester5
Information Technology ManagementFirst Semester5
Introduction to ManagementFirst Semester5
Organisational BehaviourFirst Semester5
Research Methods in Social SciencesFirst Semester5
Accounting PrinciplesSecond Semester5
Business English IISecond Semester5
Information, Communication and Negotiation TechniquesSecond Semester5
Introduction to Human Resources StudySecond Semester5
Labour and Organizational PsychosociologySecond Semester5
Labour LawSecond Semester5
2nd Year/ Comon CoreSemester ECTS
Economics, Ethical Management and Social ResponsibilityFirst Semester5
Group Dynamics and Conflict ManagementFirst Semester5
Hygiene, Health and Safety in the WorkplaceFirst Semester5
Option IFirst Semester5
Quantitative MethodsFirst Semester5
Training Design and ManagementFirst Semester5
Finantial ManagementSecond Semester5
Human Resource EconomicsSecond Semester5
Option IISecond Semester5
Performance AssessmentSecond Semester5
Productivity and Quality at WorkSecond Semester5
Recruitment and SelectionSecond Semester5
3rd Year/ Comon CoreSemester ECTS
Administrative Management of PersonnelFirst Semester5
Auditing and Consultancy in Human ResourcesFirst Semester5
Labour RelationsFirst Semester5
Reward and Care System ManagementFirst Semester5
Skills Analysis and ManagementFirst Semester5
Strategic ManagementFirst Semester5
Human Resource Management in Public AdministrationSecond Semester5
Leadership and Organizational GovernanceSecond Semester5
Option IIISecond Semester5
Political Socio-EconomicsSecond Semester5
Project / InternshipSecond Semester10

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
Alexandra Sofia De Freitas Monteiro Do Vale FernandesPart-Time
Ana Cristina Lacerda Almas De SousaMasterPart-Time
Arthur Filipe Barbosa De AraújoMasterPart-Time
Carla Marisa Rebelo De MagalhãesDoctorateFull-Time
César Manuel Oliveira FerreiraBachelorPart-Time
Cláudia Maria HuberDoctorateFull-Time
Emilia Rosa Quelhas Moreira Da CostaDoctoratePart-Time
Gina Maria Marques De Carvalho SantosDoctoratePart-Time
Joana Simões Do Carmo DiasDoctoratePart-Time
José António De Oliveira RochaDoctorateFull-Time
Lara Marisa Gonçalves Dos Santos DoctoratePart-Time
Maria Teresa Ribeiro CandeiasDoctorateFull-Time
Milanez Silva De SouzaDoctorateFull-Time
Renato Filipe De Barros SantiagoDoctoratePart-Time
Ricardo Manuel Magarinho Bessa MoreiraDoctorateFull-Time
Ricardo Roberto Duarte MarauDoctorateFull-Time


Admission for Undergraduates 180 €
Change Course 80 €
Holders of University Degree 180 €
International student 260 €
International student 260 €
Readmission 80 €
Registration250 €
Enrollment260 €
Student Insurance40 €
Average monthly value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 340,2 €
Per ECTS 11,34 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force