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Bachelor in Civil Protection Engineering

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A3ES Decision

Accredited - A3ES Decision

Date of the Board Decision



R/A-Cr 203/2011

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Bachelor |6 Semesters |180 ECTS

Programme Director

Prof. Doutor Artur Fernandes Costa


Dra. Carla Silva

Entrance Conditions

National access competition/tender:
Having completed the 12th grade;
A grade higher than 95 points (range 0-200) in the following group of entrance exams:
07- Physics and Chemistry and 16- Mathematics

Entry competition/tender:
Course changes;
In accordance with Decree 401/2007, of April 5.
Special competition/tender for those over the age of 23:
On completing 23 years of age by the 31st of December of the preceding year
Those not entitled access to higher education (if they have undertaken and been approved in the entrance test for the college they want to enter, they are entitled to the referred access).
Special competition/tender for higher education graduates and Diplomas in Specialized Technology:
(In accordance with Decree-Law No. 393-B/99, of 2 October;
In accordance with Ordinance No. 854-A/99, of 4 October;
In accordance with Decree-Law No. 88/2006, of May 23).

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 180 ECTS


The Degree in Civil Protection Engineering aims to train staff with a solid understanding of concepts, strategies and instruments, and a systemic view to take a proactive approach and present themselves as true agents change in the current context of globalization.

Intends to respond to the urgent need to increase overall qualifications of agents of Portuguese Civil Protection and Safety and from different organizations of the Third Sector, responding to a demand both at regional and national level, that becomes for vthe fact that does not exist in any Portuguese university a program with the profile offered by ULP.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

1. General education in areas of basic engineering;
2. Very deep knowledge of the National System of Civil Protection that allows an integrated view of the principles, players and technologies in the area.
3. Integrated view on the questions of risk, nature and methodologies for evaluation, and accident history of the most emblematic of civil protection.
4. Expertise to the practice of various acts of Engineering for Civil Protection, in particular studies, projects and emergency plans and safety and security audits and examinations.
5. Leadership and management in situations of crisis or emergency.
6. Capacity for self-learning, communication and application of knowledge acquired, to assess situations, making decisions on issues within the training area and the reasons in the scientific, social and ethical aspects.

Occupacional Profiles

Civil Protection agents
Humanitarian organizations and other Third Sector Organizations
Local Authorities / Fire and Civil Protection Municipal Services
Security departments of private companies and government departments
Companies operating in the areas of Civil Protection and Security

Scientific Areas

Engenharia e técnicas afins | Engenharia e técnicas afins - programas não classificados noutra área de formação

Study Plan

1st Year/ Semester ECTS
AlgebraFirst Semester5
ChemistryFirst Semester5
Geography and CartographyFirst Semester4
Infomation and Communication TechnologiesFirst Semester5
Mathematics IFirst Semester7
Meteorology and ClimatologyFirst Semester4
Civil Protection SystemsSecond Semester4
Geographic Information SystemsSecond Semester5
Geology and GeomorphologySecond Semester4
Mathematics IISecond Semester7
PhysicsSecond Semester5
Statistical MethodsSecond Semester5
2nd Year/ Semester ECTS
Civil Protection LawFirst Semester5
Fire Risk and Fire BehaviourFirst Semester5
Natural Hazards and Spatial PlanningFirst Semester5
Option 1First Semester5
Technological and Social RiskFirst Semester5
Third Sector AdministrationFirst Semester5
Case Studies in PC ISecond Semester5
Communication in Crisis EnvironmentsSecond Semester5
Fire Security in BuildingsSecond Semester5
Option 2Second Semester5
Risk ManagementSecond Semester5
Systems in Quality Management, Security and Health at WorkSecond Semester5
3rd Year/ Semester ECTS
Case Studies in PC IIFirst Semester5
Crisis Management and LogisticsFirst Semester5
Emergency PlanningFirst Semester5
Ethics and Professional DeontologyFirst Semester5
Introduction to Contemporary ThoughtFirst Semester5
Safety Auditing and Expert EvaluationFirst Semester5
Forest Planning and ProtectionSecond Semester5
Human Resources ManagementSecond Semester5
Project / InternshipSecond Semester20


Admission for Undergraduates 175 €
Change Course 75 €
Holders of University Degree 175 €
225 €
75 €
225 €
Registration240 €
Student Insurance40 €
Enrollment250 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 311,4 €
Per ECTS 10,38 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force