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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Script Writing Workshop


The UC is part of the audiovisual field and intends to deepen the creative domain in the area. It is an eminently laboratory discipline in which students carry out the research and development of their ideas and share and discuss them collectively. It is also intended to give knowledge of the languages of different genres of artistic and cinematographic production that fill the contemporary panorama. The scripts designed at UC may be used for the Project discipline in the following semester.


Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 6

Year | Type of course unit | Language

3 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units


Professional Internship



1. Study of narrative genres in audiovisual

2. Models of advertising narrative

3. Video Clip Strategies

4. Advertising, Public Service and Video Clip Scripts

5. Animation Strategies

6. Documentary styles and modes

7. Documentary and animation script

8. The experimental in motion image

9. Content construction and conceptualization processes

10. The motion image as a poem

11. Introduction to 360° immersive cinema

12. VR Script and Storyboard

13. Script construction for experimental video, a poetic text and 360°


The UC aims to foster creativity in the scope of script writing and audiovisual project research. It is intended that students acquire knowledge of a wide range of audiovisual genres and their languages. It is also intended that they manage to develop a project conceptually and narratively for each of these genres.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Active methodologies through creative discussion of projects and practical exercises.

Expository and interrogative methodologies through viewing and analyzing clips in class.


Class Exercises - 15%

Project 1 (promotional script) - 20%

Project 2 (fictional script) - 20%

Project 3 (poem script) - 15%

Project 4 (experimental script)- 15%

Project 5 (360° script) ¿ 15%


  • Carrière, J.C. & Bonitzer, P. - Prática do Roteiro Cinematográfico. São Paulo: JSN Editora, 1996. Comparato, D.
  • - Da criação ao guião: a arte de escrever para cinema e televisão (2ªEd.) . Lisboa, Editora Pergaminho, 1992. Saraiva, L & Cannito, N.
  • - Manual de Roteiro, ou Manuel, o primo pobre dos manuais de cinema e tv. São Paulo: Conrad Editora do Brasil, 1994.


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