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Camera and Video Operations


Curricular unit with the objective of developing practical works throughout the 1st cycle semester, in order to acquire knowledge and familiarity with the handling of cameras, microphones, lighting, etc., activities that are essential to complete all possible practical works that may appear in the following semesters.

In addition, students are also expected to understand the digital image and all the components that connect it to our world, including the exposure of the image, mastery of white balance, and with regard to audio, having the bases to capture it, with different types of microphones, previously presented to students.


Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 6

Year | Type of course unit | Language

1 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Cinema Theory

Professional Internship



Understand the audiovisual world, starting with the technical terminology of image capture and sound capture, with professional cameras.

Team work, recreating a filming environment for different contexts that may be presented in the future of the course.

Use and incentive to use different scales of plans, image composition and camera movements, depending on the different narrative styles.


Master all the main and fundamental concepts, coupling all their terminology, from the audiovisual world.

Learn and obtain solid knowledge of the handling of the available material from the Audiovisual and Multimedia Department, as well as, immediate evaluation of the image in real time. Master plans and camera movements that can be used in fiction, documentary, short films, and video works from other curricular units.

Teaching methodologies and assessment

The classes have practical content, and all will be in person.

All exercises and examples will be given in class before they start.

The evaluation will be continuous and without final exam, where students are evaluated in 6 exercises throughout the semester. These exercises will be submitted in moodle and evaluated by the same platform.

The participation will have a weight of 20% of the total grade of the Course. Exercises to perform:


Exercise 1 - 10%

Exercise 2 - 15%

Exercise 3 - 15%

Exercise 4 - 15%

Exercise 5 - 15%

Final project - 30%

Participation and interest 20% + Exercises 80%


In the event that the Curricular Unit is not completed by continuous assessment, there will be an appeal exam, in which a practical exercise will be awarded with a price of 20 points.


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MORIN (Edgar): As Estrelas de Cinema - Tradução: Salvato Teles de Menezes e António Durão - Livros Horizonte, 1980. Original: Les Stars - Editions du Seuil, 1972


MOSCARIELLO (Ângelo): Como Ver Um Filme - Tradução: Conceição Jardim e Eduardo Nogueira - Editorial Presença, Lda., Lisboa, 1985. Original: Como Si Guarda un Film - Giuz, laterza & Figli Spa


NAZARETH (Adriano): 30 Anos de Televisão - Queiroz Neves & Ca. Lda., 1988


Antero, J. (2009). Operações de Câmara. Lisboa: Edições Lusófonas.


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