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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

2D and 3D Design and Animation


Development and exploration of image manipulation techniques and motion graphics.
Aesthetic and conceptual approaches to design in motion.
Motion-Graphic content creation for advertising, animated infographics, film titles, etc.


Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication

Level of Qualification|Semesters|ECTS

| Semestral | 7

Year | Type of course unit | Language

3 |Mandatory |Português



Recommended complementary curricular units

Atelier de Produção e Realização Audiovisual e Multimédia II

Professional Internship



History and References of ¿Motion-Graphics¿;
Adobe After Effects Interface and Operation;
Timeline, 2d & 3D Animation Techniques, Keyframes;
Masks and effects;
Animated Typography;
Audio and Image-Sound synchrony;
Motion tracking;
Visual narratives;


Knowledge of animation and motion graphics techniques.
Creative exploration of digital tools for creation;
Development of narratives and audiovisual content for different formats and contexts (advertising, video, films, etc..)

Teaching methodologies and assessment

Theoretical-practical classes. Course contents will be presented throughout the semester  and accompanied by practical exercises.

The evaluation is divided into 3 diferentes phases:
1. Class Participation and Work: 10%;
2. Practical exercises: 45% (EX1 15% + EX2 15% + EX3 15%)
3. Final Project: 45%

The evaluation of the practical exercises and the final project includes the development of a project and the oral presentation and discussion in class.
Students must attend a minimum of 70% of classes.

For students with a grade lower than 10 or students who desire to improve the grade, there is an exam which consists on the development of a practical project . The project represents 100% of the grade.


Drate, S., Robbins, D., Salavetz, S., e Salavetz, J. (2006) ¿Motion by Design¿. Laurence King Publishing.
Whitney, John (1980) ¿Digital Harmony: On the Complementarity of Music and Visual Art¿. McGraw-Hill.
Meyer, C. & Meyer, T. (2010) "Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects: Essential and Advanced Techniques, Version CS5¿


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