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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Master in Law

Faculty of Law and Political Science

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A3ES Decision

Accredited - A3ES Decision

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R/A-Cr 294/2015

Confered Degree | Duration | ECTS

Master Degree |4 Semesters |120 ECTS

Programme Director

Prof.ª Doutora Maria do Rosário Pereira Cardoso dos Anjos


Mestre Joana Medeiros

Entrance Conditions

The following may apply for the Master's Degree:
a) People who hold a B.A. or equivalent degree;
b) People who hold a foreign academic degree awarded after a 1st study cycle organized according to the Bologna Process by a member state of that process;
c) People who hold a foreign academic degree acknowledged as a degree satisfying the objectives of the graduate degree by the due body;
d) People who have a school, scientific or professional curriculum acknowledged by the due body of ULHT certifying the capacity to obtain this study cycle.

Programme requirements

Have completed a total of 120 ECTS


Accord a master¿s academic qualification for those certified in the 1st cycle of Studies in Law;
Accord to those certified in the 1st Cycle of Studies in Law the faculties and academic curriculum for admission to the egal professions that require them.
The curriculum of the 2nd cycle of studies in law was determined by the objective of specialized scientific training and directed to the principal differences in professional legal careers. This training will culminate in independent scientific research in a scientific context that is consistent to the appropriate area of specialization.
The offer of three optional areas intends to respect the great natural areas in the Science of Law, understanding that each is a vast field of expertise and depth of knowledge acquired in the seat of the degree.

Knowledge, abilities and skills to be acquired

With the growing need for updated knowledge of the current workforce, the development of specialized training projects has become an important component in the mission of universities as key centre¿s of creation and circulation of knowledge. In this context, the Masters in Law has, from its inception, been training lawyers to be equipped with the most solid of knowledge. Moreover, the basic concern of this course has focused on training lawyers who, integrated in a context characterized by profound changes, take a proactive approach and thus present themselves as true agents of change. In this context the objectives revolve around the following competencies: to deepen and develop the knowledge acquired in the 1st cycle of studies in law, acquisition of knowledge that enables and forms the basis for developments and / or original applications in the context of research, application of knowledge to practical situations, communication skills, understanding, analysis and criticism. ULP awards a master's degree in law to those who have shown evidence of having acquired these skills. In this way graduates acquire solid skills in law and legal knowledge with a view to implementing them in an efficient, rational and safe manner in the profession, with obvious benefits for the society in which they operate.
Accordingly, and mindful of the dynamic that has been progressing in the environment, with the objective to continuously improve the quality and innovative role that the graduates in this area can play on the labour market, the 2nd cycle of studies in law wants to prepare professionals, both from a human and scientific point of view, to be able to join the workforce with confidence, offering a wide range of tasks to efficiently perform and act within the various fields of economic and social modern life.

Scientific Areas

Direito | Direito | Ciências sociais, comércio e direito

Study Plan

1st Year/ Comon CoreSemester ECTS
Second Semester7,5
1st Year/ Specialization in Legal and Business SciencesSemester ECTS
Corporate LawFirst Semester7,5
Insolvency LawFirst Semester7,5
Option IFirst Semester7,5
First Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
1st Year/ Specialization in Legal and Publicity SciencesSemester ECTS
Option IFirst Semester7,5
Public ContractsFirst Semester7,5
First Semester7,5
First Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
Second Semester7,5
2nd Year/ Comon CoreSemester ECTS

Teaching staff

Teachers, Academic Degree and Dedication time
LecturerAcademic DegreesDedication time
Almeno José De Sá E SilvaMasterFull-Time
Inês Fernandes GodinhoDoctorateFull-Time
Jorge Manuel Coutinho De AbreuAgréggationPart-Time
José Manuel Aroso LinharesAgréggationPart-Time
Leticia Milhinha De Pinho MarquesDoctoratePart-Time
Luísa Maria Alves Machado MagalhãesMasterFull-Time
Maria Do Rosário Pereira Cardoso Dos AnjosDoctorateFull-Time
Maria Odete Batista De OliveiraDoctorateFull-Time
Nuno Francisco De Sá E Melo De Castro MarquesDoctorateFull-Time
Paulo José Homem De Sousa Alves De BritoDoctorateFull-Time


Holders of Foreign Higher Education 350 €
Holders of University Degree 150 €
Student Insurance40 €
Enrollment and Registration200 €
Average value for 30 ECTS semestral curricular units 264 €
Per ECTS 8,8 €

Other fees may be applied in accordance with the regulations in force