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Ramificações: Inaugurating the 'Cinematic Turn': Passages de l'image

Inserido no Ciclo de Debates: "Ramificações: espaço de comunicação e arte"





André Carita

03 Novembro 2021

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In the past thirty years, the moving image has undergone an immense transformation in status, migrating from the fringes of contemporary art to occupy a central position within it, filling museums around the world. Why did this shift occur, and how did it entail a rethinking of cinema, art, and the relationships between them? The answer to this question cannot be found by examining artistic practices alone; rather, a history of exhibitions is needed, one that does more than enshrine the curator as author.

This talk will take up this task by returning to the landmark 1990 exhibition “Passages de l’image.” Curated by Raymond Bellour, Catherine David, and Christine van Assche, it marked the first time the Centre Pompidou devoted an exhibition entirely to mechanically and electronically reproducible images. Drawing on archival research, this presentation will explore how “Passages” marks a key turning point in both the exhibition of moving images in the gallery and the reconfiguration of the relationship between art and cinema that has taken place in the last 30 years, delineating a field of inquiry that would be taken up internationally throughout the 1990s.

Erika Balsom (scholar and critic based in London, working on cinema, art, and their intersection. She is Reader in Film Studies at King’s College London and holds a PhD in Modern Culture and Media from Brown University)