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Universidade Lusófona do Porto

Digital Privacy and Security Conference 2020 (DPSC 2020)

III Jornadas de Segurança Informática




Sala Nobre

Carla Cordeiro

15 Janeiro 2020


09:00 - Reception
09:30 - Opening Session
09:45 - Keynote Speaker - André Batista, Most Valuable Hacker in a competition held in Washington, USA.
10:30 - Paper 1
10:45 - Paper 2

11:00 - Coffee Break
11:20 - Paper 3
11:35 - Paper 4
11:50 - Keynote Speaker - Luís Maia, Founder and CTO - Adyta, Lda

13:00 - Lunch on your own
14:30 - Session: Young People and Information Security

  • Moderator
    • Professor Rogério Reis, ISOC Portugal / Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto
  • Speakers
    • Maria Matos, Digital Leaders of the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre
    • Vera Oliveira, Student and Enthusiastic in Security Area

15:15 - Paper 5
15:30 - Paper 6
15:45 - Paper 7
16:00 - Paper 8

16:30 - IT Security: The Importance of Certification - APCER
17:00 - Closing Session: Sub-Director of the Informatics Engineering Course at ULP - Professora Carla Cordeiro


  • André Batptista
    • André Baptista was considered the Most Valuable Hacker (MVH, the most valuable hacker) in a competition held in Washington, USA. The Portuguese researcher overcame the competition at an event organized by HackerOne, the best known of the platforms that allow hackers to be recruited to solve security problems.
      Security researcher and bug bounty hunter. Invited professor at University of Porto (Master in Information Security).
  • Luís Maia
    • Founder and CTO - Adyta, Lda & Chief Information Security Officer and Researcher @ Competence Centre for Cyber Security and Privacy.
  • Maria Matos
    • Maria Moreira Matos is a 14 years old girl from Aveiro, Portugal. As the cyber world plays a big part of her life, she’s interested in all the things related to it. Because of this, she has been involved in the "Digital Leaders" initiative of the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre, since 2017. Throughout the years, has had the opportunity to work with children, peers, parents, teachers, and others in regional events, by sharing experiences and thoughts about this important topic. Since 2017, she has participated in some activities at a national level, by being the youth's voice which adults also need to hear. Collaborated in the promotion of the Digital Leaders panel at the 3rd FILM - Informal Media Literacy Forum. He was in one of the exhibition spaces at the 1st Conference - Permanent Forum for Digital Skills INCoDe.2030. Streamlined WorkShop “Digital Leaders in Action” at the 4th National Meeting on Media Education. At an international level, she participates part in BIK Youth Panel, Safer Internet Forum and BIK Advisory Board in Brussels, 2019.
  • Vera Oliveira
    • Vera Oliveira has a technological specialization course in computer systems and networks management and is currently studying Informatics Engineering at University Lusófona of Porto. Also an enthusiastic in the area of cybersecurity.